Clothing Haul: [Forever 21, H&M, Target]


Hey Everyone!

I just went to Denver and did some shopping and I wanted to share what I got with you guys! Hope you enjoy!!

Short Skirt_Color: Pink_Price:$15.80_[Forever21]

Knit Top_Color: Ivory_Price:$15.80_Forever21

Over-sized Top_Color: Mint/Black Polka dot_Price:$6.80_Forever21

Skinny Belt_Color: Camel_Price:$3.80_Forever21

Basic Top_Color: Salmon_Price: $4.80_Forever21

Basic Top_Color: Sage_Price: $4.80_Forever21

Olga Canvas Flat Sneakers_Color: Pink_Price: $9.09_Target

Braised Headband_$2.95_H&M

Hope you liked what I got! Please comment, like, and share!



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