Valentines Day Accessories


Hooray it’s Valentines Day! Here are some accessory ideas to help you jazz up your outfit.


Rosettes are a great way to give your look a romantic feel. Weave them into your favorite up do. This is an easy way to get your hair up in a stylish way.


Scarves are an easy way to turn a plain shirt with some jeans into a complete outfit. Add your favorite pair of combat boots and you’re done.


Floral printed denim is a great way to add something fun and funky to your style. It also adds a nice pop of color.


Add something girly to you outfit. Bows are a great way to get your hair out of you face and give you a little flare.

Additional Ideas: Pair your favorite circle skirt with a pair of red tights or wear your favorite red lipstick.

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DIY: Studded Purse


Studded purses have really come into style. You can stud anything. I got these studs from Joann’s Fabrics. You can Probably find them at any craft or fabric store. Hope you enjoy!

You will need:

A plain purse


A screw driver or something to push the studs down with.


Step 1: See how the studs have prongs on them? You are going to push them into the fabric. Make sure you arrange them so you know how you want them to look.


Step 2: Take your screw driver and press the prongs down and viola! You’re done!



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Fix it #2: Denim Jacket to Denim Vest



You will need:
1. Scissors
2. Knife
3. An old Denim Jacket
4. Studs (optional)


Lay you jacket out flat and cut the sleeves off, leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fabric extra from the seem.


Take you knife and with the sharp side, rub side to side on the extra fabric from the seem, to create a frayed look.


Add some studs and viola! You’re done!


Additional ideas:
You can bleach your denim if you want the color to be lighter.

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Fix It #1


Hey everyone! We all have clothing in our closet that we don’t wear for some reason. I hate having clothes in my closet that don’t get put to use. So, I decided to fix them. I am creating a new series on my blog where I show you how I fix my stuff. I bought this shirt a while back and I have never worn it because the front is too cropped for me. So, I decided to sew some lace on it.

This is what it looked like.


The first thing I had to do was decide how I wanted my lace on my shirt. I wanted it to be peeping out from underneath the garment.


Then I turned the top inside out and pinned the lace on the the hem of the shirt. I wanted to sew on the stitching so that it my sewing wasn’t as noticeable.


Then I sewed it. Make sure you pin the pins in the right direction. I was to lazy to fix mine.


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DIY Berry Lip Stain



What you will need:
– Cherries or any other fruit that has a dark juice. You can use raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Frozen fruit works as well.
– A bowl to smash your fruit in.
– A fork to or spoon to smash your berries with. You can even use your hands if you are not afraid to get messy.
– A container to put your lip stain in. This is optional if you only want to use one application.

Step 1: Put about five or six cherries in a bowl.


Step 2: Mash them up. Don’t be afraid to use your hands.


Step 3: Take any cherry remnants out of the bowl so that you are left with cherry juice.


Step 4: Pour the cherry juice into a container. You should be able to get these at any craft store.


You can apply your lip stain with a cosmetic brush or your fingers. Viola!


Other lip stain ideas:

– Kool-Aid Lip Stain: Pour a packet of Kool-Aid into a bowl. Run your finger under some water and dip it into the powder and apply on your lips.
– Beet Lip Stain: Boil a beet in water until you can easily poke a fork through it. Then mash the beet up until you have juice. Apply with a cosmetic brush or finger.

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Flower Braid



Step 1: Curl your hair, straighten it, or leave it natural. If your going for a vintage look then give your hair some waves with a sea salt or texturizing spray.


Step 2: Take three sections of hair from the side of your scalp and start braiding until the braid reaches the back of your head.


Step 3: Do the same to the other side.


Step 4: Combine the two braids and secure with an elastic. Take the extra hair from the elastic and braid it.


Step 5: Gently pull the strands to make a thicker braid


It should look like this:


Step 6: Wrap the braid around the elastic like you are making a bun.


Step 7: Make sure the braid lays flat.


Step 8: Secure with bobby pins.


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